Church Items for Sale

Many of the 'church' items around the convent, e.g. crucifixes, lecterns etc., while suitable for this large building are simply too big for our new house.  We are therefore looking to sell these items, hoping to pass them on to those who will appreciate them and help enhance worship.  

If you follow the link you will find a catalogue of items. None have been priced, any reasonable offer will be accepted.   click here

Pastures New...


The Community of the Holy Name is on the move!  A couple of years ago, after much discussion and prayer (and a few hard financial facts!) the community made the decision that we had to move from our current location in Oakwood, Derby where we have been situated since 1990/91.

We agreed together that we needed to look to the north of our current location and after 2 years of searching for an appropriate place to go and after visiting and rejecting a number of properties we have now found our new home. 

Over the next year we hope to be moving to Hessle (pronounced ‘Hezzle’) a small town in the East Riding of Yorkshire 5 miles west of Hull, very near to the Humber Bridge. 

This will mean much upheaval and change.   The house needs some work, and we have to figure out how to move a community of 18 sisters to a much smaller building! We had planned to be moving late 2020 but covid put paid to that and we now hope, God willing, to be in Hessle by summer.


We will be leaving Derby with a sense of sadness at leaving behind so many good memories and friends.  However, we are now looking to the future and discerning how God will use and bless us in this new place.  We ask for your prayers at this time that things will go smoothly and that our move will be blessed.

Vestments Available

Because we are downsizing we are seeking homes for a number of different vestments in different liturgical colours, sizes and styles.

Please click on document below to find out what's available.