If you would like some more information or are interested in living alongside please write to the Assistant Provincial at the Convent.


Have you ever asked 'What do nuns do all day?'


Are you looking for an experience of a different kind of living?


Are you interested in experiencing life within a religious community at a deeper level?


There are many reasons for people to want live alongside the sisters.  


Some may want to take a little time out from the busy hectic world, to step back and take a breath.


Some may come to take stock of where they are, perhaps to explore a calling or to consider a life changing decision in a place where there is a slower, quieter pace of life with time to sit and just think.  


The convent is also an ideal place for a sabbatical or if space and quiet is needed to complete a thesis or pursue studies.


In addition to attending the Offices with the sisters you will usually be asked to help out with the day-to-day household duties; perhaps answering the telephone, helping with guests, or helping out in the gardens.  


You will also get to know the sisters - we are very human people!


The only thing the sisters require is the gift of your time - in exchange we offer an insight into a different way of life.