The Still Small Voice...

Becoming a Sister

A calling to live out your Christian life as a religious sister can be a scary thing - sometimes it can come out of the blue; often it is a gentle prompting from God, a persistent niggle at the back of your mind.  


Sometimes it is a line from scripture that speaks to your heart, a number of 'coincidences', or a piece of advice from a wise person.

"The Vows are a threefold response of love,

given to us in love that we may love.


Through them God sets us free for the sake of the Kingdom

to walk in the way of his call to us,

to share in God's reckless extravagance of love,

daring with joy and hope to be fools for the sake of Christ."


Community Rule of Life

Life of the Counsels: Consecration Under Vows

Living under vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience does mean that certain things are never going to be part of your life - a loving committed relationship with another person, the chance to have children or the freedom to choose or change careers for example, but no commitment is made without some element of sacrifice.


The call to the Religious Life is not for everyone - but to those who are called God offers a life where, in the vows we make, we draw closer to Him that He may be all in all.

If you think you are being prompted to explore becoming a sister your first step is to get to know us, by visiting as a guest and talking with the sisters.  You will be guided to speak with the Novice Guardian who cares for all explorers and those who join us.  You and she will discern together your calling and she will explain and guide you through the process of admittance to the community.


After admittance you will be encouraged to continue to discern your vocation, through prayer, study and practical work.  The Novice Guardian will walk your path with you, guiding and directing your footsteps. 


After a period of time you will be admitted to the novitiate at which point you will put on the habit as a novice sister.  In the novitiate there will be a deepening study and embracing of the life of a religious sister.

If you continue to feel drawn to live this life the next step will be to make your Profession.


 This is the point where your will make your vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience.   After Profession the discernment process continues with the support of another sister whose role is to encourage you to mature and grow into the life.


The final step is Life Profession, where we express our deep longing to give ourselves completely into the hands of God. 

“At Life Profession we make explicit our belief that we are called to give ourselves for life to God in commitment to one another and in the service of the whole people of God.”


Community Rule of Life

Common Life: Members One of Another

If you would like some more information please contact the Provincial Superior

at the main convent address.