As the community is moving to a much smaller house, many of the items which are suitable to the house at Derby are simply too large for the new house at Hessle. Therefore we are disposing of a number of large church items shown below.  We have not priced any item but any reasonable offer will be considered. Some of the items will not be immediately available as they are still in use. If an item has an asterix beside its item number it won't be available until February/March next year.

if you are interested in any item please contact Sister Catherine:  Please quote the item number and your offer.  Thank you.

NB: We are unable to deliver any item - if you want an item you will have to arrange to collect it from the Convent at Derby.

Item 1


Large Calvary

with cover   


H. 1676mm 

W. 914mm 

Item 2* 


Large Wooden Crucifix


H. 1134mm 

W. 610mm 

Item 3 


Mary Magdalene Statue 

H. 500mm

Item 4*

Wooden Chapel Chairs


Please note the chairs are quite heavy and do not stack. Ideal for a small chapel or a place where they would not need to be moved often.  34 available, we are happy to sell individually, or in sets. Some are available immediately.

H. 720mm

W. 440mm

D. 430mm

Item 5*

Individual Wooden Chapel Desks -

A number are available, some immediately.

H. 540mm

W. 230mm

L. 530mm

Item 6*


Double Chapel Desks

4 available, 2 immediately.

L. 990mm

W. 300mm

H. 540mm

Item 7*

Wooden Lectern

H. 600mm

Footprint  450mm x 410mm


Item 8


Wooden Paschal Candle Stand


H. 1320mm

Base Diametre 450mm 

Item 9

Wooden Icon Stand

H. 1460mm

W. 515mm


750mm x 515mm x 750mm

Item 11

Wooden Prayer Desk 

H. 715mm

W. 560mm

D. 420mm

Item 12

Plain Wooden Lectern

H. 1300mm

W. 610mm

D. 440mm

Item 13


Metal Incense Stand

H 1340mm

Base 250mm x 250mm


Item 14

Large plain wooden cross

Has fixing on back in order to hang up.

H. 1168mm

W. 910mm

Item 15


Statue of St Francis


has a crack in his base

at the back

H. 820mm


H. 480mm

350mm x 350mm