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The Fellowship of the Holy Name is a group of men and women who feel called to share with the sisters in a life of love service and prayer which honours the Holy Name of Jesus.
Members seek to live a balanced life where family and friends can share in God's loving openness and to become aware of God's growing presence in their lives.
The discipline of daily prayer draws members together with the sisters into a deepening relationship with God and with each other where each individual is nurtured and supported.
Members have a personal Rule of Life which set in the context of their own life, commits them to a daily prayer life, regular worship, study of God's Word and service to others. 


Chatting over the tea trolley at a Fellowship meeting


Break for lunch on Fellowship Day

Fellowship Badge

Each member of the Fellowship receives a cross that can be worn either as a necklace or a badge.

Members of the Fellowship receive a prayer leaflet and regular communications from the Fellowship Sister and are encouraged to meet together in regional meetings. 

If you would like further information  about becoming a member of the Fellowship of the Holy Name please e-mail the Fellowship sister at 

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