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'What's in a Name?'
A History of the Community of the Holy Name

Written by Sister Constance CHN (RIP) and updated by Sister Julie CHN
Edited by Dr Peta Dunstan

A fascinating account of the origins of CHN from its humble beginnings in Vauxhall, London in the 19th century to the present day.

Available directly from the Community

We are no longer charging for this publication but asking for a donation.


A Simplified Life

What makes a young, Cambridge educated woman first join a religious order and then, if that were not demanding enough, seek a hermit vocation, literally on the edge of the world with only a simple hut as protection against Atlantic winds and storms? For more than forty years Sister Verena lived a solitary life at the tip of the Lleyn Peninsula, looking out across the sea to Bardsey, Wales' island of saints.  For her, this narrow straitened place became a mirror of the whole of creation and the material poverty of her life became a means to 'having nothing yet possessing all things' in the words of St Paul

available from Canterbury Press

The Jesus Prayer
Gospel Soundings

Sister Pauline Margaret CHN provides wise guidance in the practice of the Jesus Prayer, or the invocation of the name of Jesus in prayer. She draws on the tradition of the gospels and on her own experience of using this prayer and of sharing her insights in retreats, prayer workshops and quiet days.


Available directly from the Community



Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross is a beautifully illustrated booklet of the stations that hung in the CHN chapel at Oakwood, created by Sister Theresa Margaret CHN.  An excellent resource for meditation and contemplation of the journey of Jesus to the cross.

Available directly from the Community.


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