The History of CHN

The first sister to be professed was Sister Gertrude who took her vows on 30th June 1865 in the London parish of St Peter's Vauxhall, at the time an area of great social depravation.  At this time the little community was known as St Peter's Sisterhood.  The parish priest, Father George Herbert and Mother Frances Mary are considered by the Community to be our founders as they took the fledgling group of sisters and developed it into a thriving community.


By 1876 the community had taken as its dedication 'The Holy Name of Jesus' thus reflecting a vocation of reaching out to others in the name of 'Jesus, Saviour'.  Father Herbert and Mother Frances Mary drew inspiration from both the Catholic and Evangelical movements.


A sister's vocation, to draw others into a personal relationship with Jesus as Saviour, was rooted in the sacremental life of the Church.  The Daily Offices and times of silence overflowed into the various forms of ministry according to the needs of the place and the time.


In 1887 the Mother House of the Convent of the Holy Name was established at Malvern Link in Worcester, while mission houses remained in London and elsewhere in the England.


In 1990 the Community moved to its present location on the outskirts of the city of Derby.  The community maintains branch houses which continue to be an integral part of our way of life as the community actively seeks to respond prayerfully to the needs of the world today.