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Chaos and Order

Moving is a strange thing. You spend ages packing up boxes only, at the other end to unpack them. And if you think you have downsized and have got rid of lots of stuff you don’t need you still find you have lots of stuff you don’t need or don't want.

So I’ve already found my way to the local tip and to the local charity shops. I've registered at the doctors and the local library. I’ve explored Hessle town centre, been to church and chatted with the neighbours. I've spent time in the Humber Bridge Country Park, which is a very splendid place to have on your doorstep. I’m getting to know our carers and our cook (Maria, a fantastic cook and a revelation!). Everything is new and exciting!

We are starting to settle in and we are trying new things and new ways of living out our vocation. We are experimenting in a new and very different environment from Derby, finding out what works and what doesn’t. A number of things have been sent to try us; the lift braking down, the dishwasher not working properly. We are all feeling the after effects of a very emotionally and physically strenuous time and it will be a while until we are all bedded into our new home.

The one constant thing is the Office and the presence of God in our midst. All the upheaval and disruption of the move, the exhaustion and stress all fade away while in our chapel when we say the words of the Office and recite the Psalms. For this reminds us of the reason for our being here, the reason we are living together as a community; to bring the love of God and to speak the name of Jesus into this place where God has put us. May he guide our footsteps in the years ahead.

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