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We ask your prayers


For Sister Lynfa after the death of her mother Sylvia.

For the family and friends of John Ratcliffe, Member of the Fellowship of the Holy Name after his sudden and unexpected death.


For Sisters Brenda, Vivienne Joy and Olpha.


The Guest Cottage

End of an Era

Many who are reading this will have stayed at our Guest Cottage about a hundred yards from the main Convent building in Oakwood. 


It has been a small residential facility which has combined homeliness, quiet and access to the life and worship of this Anglican Community.  It has been used by Christians of various denominations and we have welcomed seekers on the edge of faith, as also people who may find faith or organised religion difficult.


As the Community is in now in the process of moving to smaller premises, the Cottage closed at the end of February 2020. 


Despite their sadness and regret at our closing, guests have overwhelmingly expressed their appreciation for the facility offered here over the last 30 years.  We have been touched by the many expressions of thanks and appreciation from those visiting here for the last time, and we are in turn grateful for their loyalty and friendship and frequent generosity to us since we began here. 


It has been fun to hear some amusing stories about past Guest Sisters. It has also been moving to hear how guests have been welcomed, encouraged and supported at the Cottage, often through times of sadness or struggle in their lives.


Happily guests have been able frequently to listen to, befriend and encourage each other as they have shared in the homely atmosphere of the cottage together.  Friendships have often been forged and guests have received on-going support from one another as well as from the Community.  Many hope to continue these friendships despite the closure.  Several participants who shared in our open retreat weekends also hope to keep in touch with us and with one another.


As I begin trying to sort and clear the Cottage I realize that it is quite big job and am relieved that it does not need to be done in a hurry. We are also glad to have a ground floor space in which to store the furniture and other items which we intend to take with us. As we have no longer a lift that works, storage on the ground level is very helpful!


We are sorry that for the time being we are unable to continue residential hospitality but we look forward to new ways of sharing with and being enriched by friendships with others as it becomes appropriate when we settle in our new location.


Sister Pauline CHN (Residential Guest Sister)